THE CRYSTAL BAY, Cala Pi, Mallorca

For up to 6 People

About the Accommodation


For your arrival we have prepared the following for you:

• Toilet paper

• Kitchen paper rolls for the kitchen

• Dishwashing tablets

• Laundry Detergent

• General cleaning supplies

• Garbage bags in 2 sizes for kitchen and bathroom

• Soap in all 3 bathrooms and kitchen

• Nespresso coffee capsules (a stick)

• 1 bottle of milk, sugar, salt

• Propane gas bottle for grilling

• There is also free drinking water in the house. The filtered drinking water can be found at the small tap in the kitchen.

At the hotel 100 meters next door, you will find a small supermarket. But it is better to do large purchases in the Mercadonna in Puigderrós (Carrer de la Falzia, 8, 07609 Llucmajor) on the Badia Blava or in Campos in the Lidl, Aldi, Müller (just google).

The Mercadonna in Puigderrós is halfway from the airport to the house.


You don't have to buy drinking water!

The water in the house is descaled by a decalcification system. It comes from a well with drinking water quality from the water company in Cala Pi. We have stored several thousand liters of water under the garage. When water is consumed, a pump switches on automatically, which creates the necessary water pressure in the pipe. When showering, some people find that the soap does not come off their skin.

This is due to the filtered lime-free water. This is just a sensation, the soap will still come off the skin. The water quality in Cala Pi is very good (well water), but we have installed a tap with drinking water in the kitchen on the left hand sink. When you press this, filtered osmosis drinking water comes out of a separate line. If no water comes out of the tap, the device must be reset in the machine room by pressing a button. The shower water is heated electrically or with solar cells on the roof.


Cala Pi still has no sewer connection for waste water. The Crystal Bay has a modern, own, biological small sewage treatment plant. The waste water flows into a container with several chambers and aerators. Here it is odorless cleaned of bacteria and then it flows clear and cleaned into a storage tank and is then used for automatic garden irrigation with drip hoses.

So that the bacteria can live, we ask you to use only ecologically degradable detergents and cleaning agents as well as dishwashing tablets. Preferably the FROSCH brand, available at the MÜLLER drugstore in Mallorca. For the sake of bacteria, we ask that you do not pour any oil or leftover food down the drain. Please use kitchen paper instead and throw it in the garbage bag. The waste water is pumped to the small sewage treatment plant. Under no circumstances should you throw bandages, tampons, plasters or wet wipes down the toilet. The impeller would get stuck and you would have a problem on holiday.


For reasons of smell and because of the heat, there is not one large garbage can per house like in Germany.

Therefore, throw the rubbish directly into the containers on the street every day.

A gray mixed waste container is 50 meters from the house on the street. It is emptied daily. Step on the lever below with your foot and the lid will open. According to the regulations, the garbage bags should be disposed of in the container between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Parking / Garage:

The double garage is suitable for one car as the other part is used by 2 bicycles.

The electric gate to the street must be opened with the remote control. The garage door can be opened and closed by several switches on the inner wall of the garage. A light barrier on the floor prevents the gate from accidentally closing when someone walks through. Attention, if a car is parked in the gate area and you press the closer, it can happen that the gate closes because the light barrier under the car shines through and does not recognize the car! At midday when the sun is shining brightly, it can happen that the garage door does not close completely because it has stretched a bit due to the heat. In this case, you push the door down in the middle with a flat hand during the closing process. If necessary, a second car can be parked diagonally on the property in front of the garage.

Additional cars can park across the street. If there is a yellow line drawn at the side of the road, you are not allowed to park there!

Electric car charging station:

In the garage you will find a 3-phase charging station with 400 volts. If you rent an e-car, check whether you have the right charging cable for high-power current with you.


There are 2 bicycles and 2 scooters available in the garage. They can be used at your own risk. We do not offer a breakdown and return service. There is an air pump in the garage. There is a large men's bike and a women's bike, both of which have no gears.

For daily fitness there are yoga mats and dumbbells on the pool level.

Cleaning and intermediate cleaning service: 

If you rent the villa for more than a week, our cleaning team will come by every 7 days for interim cleaning. This is included in your rental price. This service does not apply to long-term rentals of 30 days or more. Interim cleaning means that we vacuum and mop the house, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, change towels and change the bed linen at your request. Of course, we also empty the trash cans. We assume normal household cleaning. Upon request and for an extra fee, we will also clean the villa more often than every 7 days during a stay. When you leave, we ask that you put all towels in the shower and leave the kitchen and grill clean. If items are extremely dirty or have stains that cannot be removed, we will charge you for professional cleaning or replacement of the items. The windows are cleaned by a window cleaning company every 4 weeks as needed.


We hope that when you arrived you were delighted with a perfectly prepared holiday home.

Our two hard-working chambermaids are responsible for this. If you like, put some money on the bed or leave it on the dining table with a little “thank you” note. Thanks very much!

Bed sheets towels:

There are 1 large and 1 small bathroom towel available per person, as well as 1 beach towel and 1 beach towel and a bathrobe for the sauna and wellness area at the pool.

We provide you with bed linen and towels according to the registered number of people. If you still need more bed linen or towels, please let us know.

Cot and high chair:

A cot and a high chair and cutlery are not automatically available in the house. Please inform us a few days before your arrival so that we can prepare this for you.


The drawers of the bedside tables open by briefly pressing the drawer. There is a motion detector under the bed which switches on the colored LED light under the bed as a guide as soon as you get out of bed in the evening.

iPad to control:

We provide you with an iPad so that you do not have to use the switches on the wall to operate the lights and sun blinds or to control the SONOS music system. Here you will find the EEDOMUS APP for the lights and sun blinds and the SONOS APP for the music.


All rooms from the roof terrace to the lower garden terrace have loudspeakers that are connected to the SONOS sound system. Use the iPad with the SONOS APP to add sound to each room individually or form groups. Use your Spotify account or stream radio stations.

There is a SONOS MOVE speaker box at the pool kitchen counter. It has a rechargeable battery and can be placed somewhere else when mobile. In addition, you can connect via Bluetooth and play your songs from your mobile phone.

Please avoid excessively loud music that could disturb the neighborhood.

Especially after 9 p.m., reduce the music volume to the conversation volume to avoid trouble with the neighborhood. Please be considerate.


We have installed 4 smart TVs in the house for you, in the living room and in all 3 bedrooms.

The installed satellite antenna is set to German TV channels.

You can use SMART TV via the remote control and Wifi and watch Amazon Prime or Netflix, etc. with your own access.

The 72-inch Samsung TV in the living room has an additional Denon speaker and subwoofer. Please adjust the volume with the small additional remote control!

Lighting and home automation:

The house has a home automation system which is operated via the EEDOMUS APP on the iPad mentioned above. Use some light switches to operate these home automation functions. A translation of the light switches from German to English can be found in the brief instructions.

The lighting is thus controlled by a computer and is switched on with a small delay. Be patient and wait for the effect after the switch operation before pressing the next button. Flicking back and forth too quickly will crash home automation and force the system to restart.

On the EEDOMUS APP in the iPad you will find the scene switches LOVE, PARTY, WHITHE, BLUE with which you can stage the entire house with certain mood lighting. Complete a scene before turning on the next. Take your time.

External and internal blinds:

The bay windows can be darkened with slatted blinds. Please do not extend the slatted blinds when it is windy, they can be destroyed by the wind. The inside of the windows can be darkened with an electric blind. When lowering, please make sure that there are no objects in the way. The roller blind would then be drawn in crookedly when opened and would be damaged and jammed.


The Crystal Bay has a hydraulic passenger elevator for a maximum of 4 people.

The elevator with transparent glass doors has 4 stops. Pool, ground floor, bedroom, roof terrace. You can only get to the roof terrace by elevator. All other floors are accessible by stairs.

The glass door has infrared sensors and only closes automatically when there are no obstacles in the door. In the late afternoon, when the sun is at an angle on the terrace by the pool and shines as far as the elevator door, it happens that the door does not close because the infrared sensors are disturbed by the direct sunlight. As soon as you shade the door, it works again.

In the event of an emergency, there is an extendable ladder on the roof terrace in the elevator room, which you can use to access the garage roof. The elevator has a mandatory maintenance service and an emergency call center. There is a telephone and an internal emergency siren in the elevator. However, we recommend that you do not use the elevator if you are alone in the house. If you drive alone and you are alone in the house, then also take a mobile phone with you for your safety. In the unlikely event that the elevator gets stuck, pressing a lower floor button will lower the elevator to that floor. If you cannot open the doors, there is a key which is kept on the shelf in the house in the room next to the summer kitchen. There are levers on the elevator hydraulic compressor that can be used to lower or pump up the elevator. To operate these levers, please call the caretaker., Elevator 24H emergency call: 0034 971 44 05 00

Air conditioning:

The house has central air conditioning on the roof. It noticeably cools or warms the rooms down within minutes.

All rooms can be controlled individually with the display next to the room door. Sensors are installed on the windows, as soon as you open a window, the air conditioning switches off.

For the sake of the environment, do not leave the air conditioner on when you are away from home for a long period of time.

To avoid catching a cold, we recommend setting the air conditioning to a minimum of 25 degrees. The dry air keeps it cool enough.

In winter, in addition to the underfloor heating, the air conditioning can be switched to heat. You do this by switching to heating only on the air conditioning control panel on the kitchen column. From now on, all other controls are also switched over for heating.


In the colder season we heat the house with underfloor heating. This is heated by solar energy on the roof of the villa. If the sun doesn't shine, we heat the underfloor heating with a heat pump on the roof. Underfloor heating is sluggish if rooms need to be heated quickly, so we can produce warm air with the air conditioning and blow it into the room.

To control the underfloor heating, there is a round Nest control panel next to the door in each room. The target temperature can be adjusted by turning the control panel. However, it is automatically reset to the preset value after 24 hours.

The pool can be heated with solar energy or electrically with an air heat pump installed under the pool.


In the colder seasons we connect the propane tanks outside next to the summer kitchen and you can enjoy the gas fireplace in the living room. The fireplace is switched on and off via a remote control by pressing the buttons simultaneously. You can then regulate the flame height. Please let us know when the gas is empty, we will then exchange the gas bottles. When a preset target temperature is reached in the room, the gas fireplace switches off.


The floor-to-ceiling double to triple-glazed window panes have a special coating on the outside and keep out 85% of the sun's heat. The large window in the living room only opens electrically. For this we have installed a child safety device. Two switches on the wall must be pressed at the same time to open or close the window. To lock the two switches, you have to hold them down until you hear a loud click on the upper window frame.

The large window in the summer kitchen is locked by inserting a pin into the floor and then pushing it open.


The house has a kitchen on the ground floor as well as a summer kitchen on the pool level.

The kitchen on the ground floor has the following appliances: drinking water tap, induction cooker, oven, microwave, dishwasher, large refrigerator with extra freezer door and ice maker, juicer, toaster, kettle, Nespresso capsule coffee machine, mixer, drinking water tap, extractor hood.

The summer kitchen in the basement by the pool has the following appliances: induction cooker, dishwasher, small fridge, small Nespresso capsule coffee machine.

Extractor hood: if the extractor hood integrated in the table does not open, even though you press the switch on the column on the right, you have to turn the switch on and off several times until the extractor hood flap opens.


A WEBER gas grill is available on the terrace. Please only use 11 liter propane gas bottles and no butane gas, because the butane gas is not clean, smokes and smells of petroleum. Please let me know when the bottle is empty. We'll bring you a full gas bottle. Please turn off the gas tap on the gas bottle (green position) when you are not using the grill or when you change the gas bottle. Please read our separate instructions for this.

Washing machine and tumble dryer:

There is a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Next to the washing machine are an ironing board and a metal drying rack.

You will find the iron in the closet above the washing machine.

Foot shower:

In case you come back from the beach with sandy feet, we have installed a shower for feet and legs in the entrance area. Please use this, because nothing is more unpleasant than having sand in the pool, terrace and house.


At the pool level we have a Finnish sauna for you. It takes about 60 minutes to be electrically heated to 90 degrees Celsius. When switched on, a timer runs which automatically switches the sauna off after 6 hours. If you are finished before then, simply switch off the sauna using the control panel.

Please adhere to the sauna rules. Do not eat too much or drink alcohol before the sauna. Do a maximum of 3 sauna sessions, no longer than 15 minutes, cool off again in the water after the sauna session and relax before entering the hot sauna again.

An infusion bucket and eucalyptus infusion are at your disposal. Mix the eucalyptus concentrate with water before making the infusion (risk of fire and explosion!). Never pour alcohol, beverages or Pure Saun infusion on the stove, you can suffocate and die!

After the sauna, please leave the sauna door half open for ventilation and drying.

Infinity pool:

Pool: The 10 x 5 meter infinity pool is a 120,000 liter saltwater pool with natural chlorine and contains no chemicals. It has 4 steps on the side for easy entry.

The pool slopes continuously from 1.2m to 1.8m. In the middle there is a dark marking on the ground and shows a sports swimmer the lane.

Lighting: The lighting for the pool is in the summer kitchen on the wall.

Pool cover: Also next to this switch are the 2 switches to open and close the pool cover for insulation. When closing the cover, stop the cover and help with your hand so that the cover does not get caught on the stair step.

Jacuzzi: At the edge around the pool there are 3 push buttons built into the floor. When touched, either the water torrent for a neck massage is switched on for 3 minutes or the Jacuzzi massage jets or the air bubbles on the long underwater bench are switched on.

Counter-swimming system: Underwater at the end of the pool there are 2 underwater buttons, with which you can switch on one or two counter-swimming turbines for 5 minutes or switch them off again by pressing them again.

Hygiene: only enter the pool after the sunscreen has absorbed the skin. Shower just before swimming.

Outdoor shower: There is an outdoor shower with warm water on the pool level.

Parasols: Large parasols are available for shade on the terraces. Please close the parasols when leaving the house, at night or in windy weather so that they cannot fall over and become damaged.

Sun loungers: Sun loungers with cushions and beanbags are around the pool, damp comes down in the evenings. Please bring the cushions into the house in the evening and in rainy weather.

Heated Pool: The pool can be heated electrically using air source heat pumps during the colder months. Please close the pool with the pool cover, especially every evening, so that it does not cool down. In order for the heat pump to function properly, the side fins for the air flow must be wide open. If you would like a warm pool upon arrival, please let us know a week in advance.

Heating with solar energy: From June to September the pool can be heated free of charge with solar energy and a titanium heat exchanger. If you wish, let us know. In this case, too, we recommend closing the pool cover in the evening.

Pool service: The fully automatic pool is checked once a week and cleaned if necessary. At the pool there is a net with a pole with which you can fish out objects that have fallen in.

Pool Security:

1. Never leave children unattended at the pool.

2. When the ground around the pool is wet it will be slippery, please only walk as fast as your balance allows, never run!

3. Please do not walk into the house wet via the stairs or use the elevator. Please dry off beforehand. The wooden floor gets wet spots!

4. Please never jump into the pool from the balcony. Risk of death!

5. Please do not walk standing on the infinity side of the pool. You can slip and fall and injure yourself life-threateningly.

6. For safety reasons, the use of glass objects is not allowed near the pool. Please use our plastic glasses from the summer kitchen at the pool.

7. Should glass break in the vicinity of the pool, you are obliged to inform us so that we can vacuum the bottom of the pool and no one can injure themselves.

Electrical current:

In Spain, houses have a power limit, if the electricity consumption is higher than booked, a fuse box on the street switches off the electricity and a technician from the electricity company has to switch it back on. Our home has a 15,000 watt limit. This means that you should not run the sauna and counter-swimming turbine at the same time or run many power guzzlers at the same time.

Large electricity consumers are: sauna, counter-swimming system, pool heating, air conditioning, tumble dryer. Please avoid using everything at the same time.

Address: Carrer Torre 10a, 07639 Cala Pi (Llucmajor), , Spain

Size: 350.0 m², 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

Beds: 3 Double beds, 1 Child bed, 2 Queen size beds, 1 King size bed

Prices: 800 EUR - 1,800 EUR / Night

More pricing information:

Prices, deposit, cancellation:

Prices per night depending on the season: 800 EUR to 1,800 EUR per night.

Tourism tax: included in the rental price

Final cleaning: included in the rental price

Intermediate cleaning: included in the rental price


From April to October, the pool, heated to 29°C, is included in the price. In the months of November to March we heat the pool for an extra charge of 500 euros per week.

Deposit: EUR 2,500

Rental period:

Minimum 7 days in the months of September to June. You get a 10% discount if you rent 2 weeks.

Minimum 14 days in July and August.


100% refund if you cancel at least 60 days before check-in.

50% refund if you cancel at least 30 days before check-in.

No refund if you cancel less than 30 days before check-in.


When booking through a portal such as Mallorca Collection, Airbnb, Fewo Direkt or, the prices, deposit and cancellation conditions may vary.


  • Towels and bed sheets
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchen
  • Wireless internet
  • Jacuzzi
  • Pool
  • Free Parking on premises
  • Indoor Fireplace
  • Terrace
  • Hangers
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • High chair
  • Workplace
  • Ethernet
  • Coffee machine
  • Kettle
  • Dining Table
  • Smart TV
  • Streaming
  • Toilet paper and soap
  • Cable TV
  • Heating
  • Internet
  • Hair dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Fitness center
  • Balcony
  • Buzzer/Wireless Intercom
  • Iron
  • Smoking not allowed
  • Cookware
  • Safe
  • Soundsystem
  • Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Tablet PC



The house is supplied with a 1,000 Mbit fiber optic connection. You have reception inside and outside via several WIFI antennas in and around the house.


The modern staircase from the ground floor to the bedrooms is open on one side and there is a risk of falling. Hold onto the railing and walk on the side of the railing. Take care of children!

Glass railing:

The glass railing outside in front of the living room has no fall protection on either side. Please do not walk there and watch out for children. Never leave children unattended up on the roof terrace. You could climb over the railing and fall. Risk of death!

Safety devices:

• SAFE for jewelry and money in every bedroom closet

• First aid kit in the cupboard above the microwave

• Smoke detectors in hallway and each bedroom

• Fire extinguisher

• Outdoor lighting

• Alarm system

• Gas sensor on the stove

Alarm system:

The house has an alarm system which is activated by Scharpf Alarmsysteme, but we switch it off during your stay, only the fire alarms remain active.

Video surveillance:

For your safety and for the safety of the house while it is not inhabited, we have installed 5 cameras that monitor the entrance, parking lot, lawn and terraces and start video recording when there is movement. The recordings can only be viewed by the owner and are automatically deleted after a few days. The cameras are not active during your stay.


This house is only partially suitable for children. Note that the house is built on a 15 foot cliff. The pool, which is up to 1.8 meters deep, should be closed. Guests should supervise any baby or child when using balconies and patios. The open staircase is also not suitable for small children. The glass railing in the living room is open on both sides, a child could fall there. Guests bear full responsibility for the safety of children.


Beach and Bay:

The beach of Cala Pi is a natural beach that slopes gently into the water. You can walk about 100 meters into the water until you no longer feel the bottom. In the summer months it is guarded by sea rescuers.

You can reach the beach quickly on foot: just walk 100 meters up the street and then go down the steps to the beach. Attention, the port facility is very slippery in the area of the ramps! The swimming area is marked by yellow buoys in summer.

Watch out for jellyfish. Depending on the wind direction, there may be some in the bay. Do not rub burns and it is best to rinse with vinegar (not fresh water, otherwise it will get worse). In the summer months, the lifeguards use flags to indicate jellyfish.

Take your time and walk along the opposite side of the bay to the neighboring bay. You will experience unforgettable magical views as far as the Cabrera Islands.


The underwater world is unique, we recommend that you bring diving goggles with you. It's worth saying "hello" to the fish, octopuses, starfish, anemones and crabs, especially in the morning around 11 a.m. when the underwater visibility is clear. If you're lucky, you might even see rays, moray eels and seahorses.

The neighboring bay of Cala Beltran:

The bay of Cala Pi is only developed on the left bank, because the right bank is a nature reserve. A 15-minute walk (stairs at the end of the fishermen's cottages) takes you to the unspoilt neighboring bay of Cala Beltran.

With luck, a Mallorcan tortoise will crawl across your path!

Boats and sailing school:

The nearest boat rental/port in Sa Rapita is about 20 minutes by car from Cala Pi.

Boat excursion:

Take a speed boat from Colonia Sant Jordi to the nature reserve islands of Cabrera and dive with dolphins in the blue grotto. 

diving school: 


A public tennis court is in town (approx. 10 minutes on foot).


There are golf clubs in the vicinity of 20 km.

Long sandy beach:

The famous and most beautiful beach of Mallorca Es' Trenc is 10 km long and only 20 minutes away by car. It invites you to swim and go for a walk and will remind you more of the Caribbean. Also located on Es'Trenc is Colonia Sant Jordi. Day trip boats leave from the port to visit the Blue Grotto on the sheltered islands of Cabrera.

Wonderful natural bay:

Caló des Moro, also known as Cala de Sa Comuna, is a bay in the southeast of the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. It is located on the coast of the municipality of Santanyí southwest of the town of Cala Llombards in the direction of Cap de Ses Salines, the southern cape of Mallorca.

You can't go there directly by car. You have to park a bit away and then walk. Everything is signposted. The journey is worth it.

Romantic train ride:

Tren de Sóller – The red lightning from Sóller to Palma

You don't have to be a train fanatic to succumb to the captivating charm of this nostalgic railway: the Tren de Sóller - a historic narrow-gauge railway.

Be sure to visit the town of Soller for coffee and then the Port of Soller for dinner.

Imposing alpine mountains:

Drive via Palma to Soller and then continue via Fornalutx to Lluc and on to Cap Formentor.

Water Park:

The large water fun park can be reached in 20 minutes by car.


The seawater aquarium can be reached in 30 minutes by car.


The capital Palma de Mallorca with many other cultural attractions is about 40 minutes away by car.

You can also visit the Festival Park brand outlet and the Fan shopping mall.

Stalactite caves:

Drive a day to the famous Drach Caves in Porto Cristo, which you can reach in 50 minutes.


Our house is located in the heart of the village of Cala Pi. There are four family-run restaurants, two pizzerias and a night bar.

More restaurant recommendations on the most beautiful island in the world (please check the opening times beforehand and reserve if necessary)!

Restaurante Es Guix, Escorca, 2km von Lluc

Strandrestaurant Cala sa Nau, 13 km von Portocolom

Rastaurante 5 illes, Colonia Sant Jordi

Restaurante CASSAI Beach House, Colonia Sant Jordi

Restaurante Ca's Patró March, Cala Deià

Restaurante Sa Tafona de Son Fang, Arta

Rrestaurante Es Reco des Teix, Deiá

Restaurante Es Fum, Costa d'en Blanes

Tapas Bar - Sa Cova, Santanyi

Restaurante El Peñón 1957, Palma

Restaurante Sa Roqueta, Palma

Restaurante Es Raor, Sant Elm


Taxi Llucmajor:

Telephone: 0034971440212

About 60 EUR to the airport.

The airport is 30-45 minutes away by car and easily accessible.


A bus connection exists between Palma de Mallorca and Cala Pi.

The bus stop is about 200 meters from the house at the roundabout. Please inquire via Google or visit the bus stop for the times, days of the week and months of the bus service.