About us

¿Hola, que tal?

We are Nicole and Florian and in 2012 we discovered the bay of Cala Pi for our family.

We built this house and then bought more. Our villas have a high standard of equipment and you will receive a quality of service that we have personally checked.

We are pleased to make our seaside homes available to our guests, sharing with you our joy and the beauty of this area.

Shared happiness is double happiness!

Florian & Nicole


Tel: 00491725358233





Arrival / Departure:

Arrival: from 4 p.m

Departure: until 10.00 a.m

Would you like to arrive or depart earlier or later?

Write us. We examine the possibilities and find a solution!


From the airport take the highway EAST or SANTANY.

Exit 13 - then straight ahead for 20 km.

Follow the signs to Cala Pi over several roundabouts - later you drive along the steep coast.

Then turn right to Cala Pi. After entering the town, continue straight ahead and always keep to the right until you are in Carrer Torre.

If you see the defense tower, you have gone 100 meters too far.



Carrer Torre 10a

ES-07639 Cala Pi (Llucmajor)




House Rules:

All guests (and any other person visiting the house) must comply with these rules and further instructions from the owner during their stay. Guests must immediately inform the manager or owner of any disputes and/or complaints from neighbors and damage in or to the property.

To prevent damage, it is forbidden to move furniture from one room to another without the prior consent of the manager / owner.

The manager or owner has the right to terminate the guest's stay if they fail to comply with the rules of this home or cause inconvenience to neighbors and other residents of the community.

Smoking is not allowed in the house.

Pets are not allowed and must be requested in advance.

It is strictly forbidden to jump from the balcony or climb onto the roof.

The house is approved for 6 overnight people and has 3 double beds. More guests are not allowed to stay overnight. A maximum of 12 people are allowed to stay during the day to evening. More guests must be approved in advance in writing by the owner.

Guests and their visitors should keep noise to a minimum after 10:00 p.m. so as not to disturb other residents in the area, particularly during the hours when they might be asleep (e.g., 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.). Particular attention should be paid to this when arriving or leaving the property. Excessive and disturbing noise is prohibited in any case and at any time, and may result in the end of the guests' stay, eviction, loss of the amount paid for the entire stay and a reduction in the deposit.

Commercial photos and videos are prohibited without the prior written permission of the owner.

Any party, event or gathering of many people is prohibited.

The use of confetti or streamers is prohibited. Fireworks or pyrotechnics are prohibited. Fire hazard of the pine trees!

When guests leave the property, they are responsible for keeping windows and doors well locked to ensure security and prevent damage from burglary, rain, storms, thunderstorms, insects. Guests are required to turn off lights, fans, and electronic devices when not required to conserve energy.

Prevention for damage and accidents:

Please close all parasols and sun awnings in the evening when it is windy and raining or thunderstorms and when you leave the house. Please collect towels, pillows, upholstery and mattresses outside and place them in the house in a safe place, in the evening when it is windy and raining or thunderstorms and when you leave the house.

Do not use china or glassware outside or in the hot tub. We have provided plastic glasses in the cupboards for this purpose. However, should something break at the pool, you are obliged to report it to us so that we can look for broken glass in the water and no guests are injured.

Behavior in case of damage:

You are required to report any damage or damage to the manager or owner as soon as possible. The best way is simply by photo and WhatsApp to the owner 00491725358233. Failure to comply with this rule will result in part of the deposit being reduced.

Something can always go wrong. It is important to us to find out about it in good time and not only when you leave, so that we can repair the damage by the time the next guests arrive.